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What does an office in a business center offer you?


Single office

Single Office

Exclusively fully furnished offices starting from 10 sqm with flexible contracts, at remarkable cost saving rates compared to a conventional lease.

Team office

Team office

Offices with several workspaces are the ideal environment for small teams. The short contract durations guarantee high flexibility.

Executive office

Executive office

In an executive office, you can expect exceptional high quality furniture and harmonious accessories. Enjoy a unique working environment in prestigious surroundings.



Make the most of unique infrastructure and share your office space with other users on a flexible basis, which can be adapted to your needs. Creative industries, freelancers, small start-ups and companies that are tied to project work or employ various contractors will profit from unique infrastructure that can be shared.


AllOfficecenters offers you an in-depth overview of all the available business centers.

You can rent office space in the business centers that is ready to occupy immediately and that comes with an extensive range of services. The offices offer you everything that you need to get your business up and running right away. Business centers provide flexible workspaces that are a major alternative to classic office solutions.

The office spaces and the accompanying complete service are a convenient and cost-efficient solution, providing you with a fully equipped and fully serviced office. They suit companies of all sizes and sectors, no matter what their requirements are. Whatever size office you are looking for, we will find the right one for you.

Our service offers you great flexibility and saves you time right from day one. You avoid high investment costs and can launch your business immediately in impressive surroundings. Everything is professional and fully furnished.


The key benefits at a glance:

  • Flexible contract lengths
  • Available to occupy immediately
  • Flexible options to expand or downsize if required
  • No investment expenses (e.g. furniture, technical equipment, cables, etc.)
  • Cutting-edge office equipment and high-speed, flat-rate internet package provided
  • Flexible use of conference rooms
  • Daily cleaning
  • 24-hour access to your office
  • Skilled staff on hand to assist with your clerical and administrative tasks, plus professional visitor reception
  • Furnished workstations
  • Postal deliveries accepted, including when you are not in the office
  • Your own telephone and fax number
  • Incoming calls answered with your own company name
  • Shared use of the communal infrastructure (office/conferencing technology, conference rooms, lounges, coffee zone, reception, etc.)


Cost savings that pay off

Whether you are looking for a permanent company head office, a temporary office or a day office – an office in a business center is considerably cheaper than a conventional office lease. The efficient use of floor space with shared use of many areas and services means you are sure to make savings. If you are renting up to 20 workstations, business centers are invariably more cost-efficient than a traditional office. Depending on the number of workstations rented, the cost benefits range from 24% to 200%.

Simply ask for an individual quotation and see how the savings add up.